Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. – Albert Einstien

Excellent teaching in an inspirational learning environment to lay a solid foundation for a bright future.

3SN Education is a coaching centre, located in Hornsby (Next to Hornsby Girls High School), to provide top class mathematics and science education to HSC and high school students.

The 3SN curriculum contains all the topics from NSW curriculum and a little extra to provide students the fundamental understanding of concepts to excel in their studies. 3SN curriculum is developed after a lot of research by Sid Tapaswi, mathematics and science teacher at 3SN, to make a solid foundation for students. A solid foundation in mathematics and science will not only help students in getting a very high ATAR score but also in attaining excellence in their future professions.

Education in 3SN is provided in interactive lecture to very small groups of students and all the lectures are designed to make the subjects interesting for the participants. Special emphasis is given to the basic concepts in individual subjects. Even complex concepts are made easy through step by step illustrations and examples. The idea is not only to attain high score in exams but also to create interest, sense of logic and scientific way of thinking. The purpose of teaching at 3SN is to introduce students to the joy of learning, and to motivate and coach them to attain their dream careers.