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Shalu Tapaswi:
Shalu Tapaswi: Managing Partner
Shalu Tapaswi is the managing partner and guidance counselor at 3SN. She has several years of experience in business strategy and project execution. She has excelled in motivating team to realize their full potential. She completed her Bachelor in Arts (B.A.) in Pscychology from Indraprastha College, New Delhi. She also completed her Master in Psychology from Delhi University. After completing her master degree, she taught Organization Behaviour course at Indian Institute of Learning Management (IILM), Kolkata.
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Sid Tapaswi:
Sid Tapaswi: Mathematics and Science Teacher
Sid Tapaswi is the teacher for mathematics and science. He has several years of experiences and a passion for teaching high school and HSC mathematics and science. Sid completed B. Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) in 1993. During his studies at IIT Kanpur, he completed many courses in mathematics, physics and chemistry. These high standard courses at IIT Kanpur built a solid foundation and created a passion in Sid. After completing his B. Tech., Sid continued teaching Year 11 and Year 12 students for IIT entrance exam (considered one of the toughest in the world for mathematics, physics and chemistry) as a part-time engagement. Later Sid did his full-time Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Melbourne Business School (MBS) in University of Melbourne. Sid also completed his Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from Department of Education and Training NSW.
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Vedika Rampal
Vedika RampalEnglish Teacher
Vedika Rampal is the teacher for High School English, years 7-12. She has graduated from the University of New South Wales with a major in English Literature and Creative Writing. Her passion and dedication translates through her teaching which focuses on cultivating an understanding and appreciation for the subject within her students. She believes in the importance of critical thinking, questioning and interrogating ideas through reading and writing which assists in developing new perspectives about oneself and the wider world.
    Hrishi Nayampalli
    Hrishi NayampalliTutor
    Hrishi studies the Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Advance Studies at the University of Sydney with a major in Finance and Business Analytics. He is passionate about investments and quantitative analysis, stemming from a deep liking of Mathematics. Alongside this, Hrishi assists in the university tutoring currently and will be teaching at his university whilst completing his honours in Business Analytics. Hrishi is extremely passionate about teaching and assisting students gain a better understanding of their subjects.
      Joshua Arackal
      Joshua ArackalEnglish Tutor
      Joshua Arackal is a 4th Year Student studying B.Comm/B.Advanced Studies at the University of Sydney. He graduated in 2019 with an E4 in English Extension, and has been a member of the 3SN team since 2020. While he has not continued his formal English education, he maintains this passion through studies in politics, social sciences and literature.
        Rhea Datar
        Rhea DatarEnglish Tutor
        Rhea Datar is currently in 3rd year of Biomedical Engineering as one of the Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship students at UTS. As a part of the graduating class of 2020, she completed her HSC with a 96 (Band 6) in English, as well as an ATAR of 99.65. English has always been her passion from a young age. Her hope is to encourage up-and-coming senior students to find their own passions in English and to equip them with the tools they require to face the challenges that come with the subject.
          Edward Lu
          Edward LuTutor
          Edward Lu is the newest member at 3SN. He is currently a first-year student studying Actuarial studies/Mathematics advanced (Honours) at UNSW. In 2022, Edward completed his HSC with an ATAR of 99.45 and a state rank (15) in chemistry with a mark of 97. With the knowledge he has gained from when he was a student at 3SN as well as his passion for science and maths, Edward aims to help students achieve their highest level of academic performance.
            Nishka Tapaswi
            Nishka TapaswiTutor
            Nishka Tapaswi is a final year medicine student at UNSW. She has been an integral part of 3SN team since 2017. She represented Australia in International Physics Olympiad and won a silver medal. Over the years with her knowledge and skill, she has taught and helped many primary and high school students to achieve their personal best.
              Swara Tapaswi
              Swara TapaswiTutor
              Swara Tapaswi is currently studying medicine at University of Queensland. Swara is very passionate about English, Maths and Science and has been instrumental in developing the online modules of 3SN Academy. Through her experience and knowledge, she has guided and helped many students to get into medicine.